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Sell Us Gold pays instant cash for your diamonds, gold, platinum, or silver heirloom jewelry, outdated jewelry, broken jewelry, scrap gold, dental gold, gold coins, silver coins, gold bullion, silver bullion, gold bars, silver bars, and large or small precious metals collections. We assay and pay you on the spot. We are only in business because we saw how everyone in central Texas was being taken advantage of my other gold buyers. We decided to put a stop to that by offering to pay our clients more than anyone else ever has...anywhere. We offer up to 70% more than other national gold buyers and 33% - 35% more than the second highest in central Texas. I can only do that because I am blessed to also own other businesses and don't need to make money from this business too. The economy is soft and we want you to get the most that you possibly can for the items that you have. There are over 200 gold buyers in our area that say they pay more for gold than anyone... there is only one that actually does what it says: SELL US GOLD does exactly what we say we will do. If you are out of town or out of state, send your items to Sell Us Gold. Upon receipt, we will immediately contact you with our best possible offer and send you a check out that same day. We pay more for diamonds than any gold buyer that I am aware of. Gold buyers, independent jewelers, and jewelry store owners sell us their gold and diamonds… there is a reason: Sell Us Gold truly does offer their clients considerably more than other gold, silver and diamond buyers. We only have one rule when it comes to our clients: Nobody will ever be offered more for their jewelry goods than they will be at SELL US GOLD. Due to our client's numerous requests, we will begin franchising SELL US GOLD in early to mid 2012.