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Own an enjoyable, home-based business (NOT an MLM) where you can be your own boss and earn the extra income you desire as a Treasure Tower Rewards Consultant. We will show you how to duplicate the success more than 90 other independent business owners are experiencing with over 2,500 Treasure Towers in 42 states. This is not a franchise so you will enjoy all the benefits of using our registered trademark and proven business model without paying monthly fees or a percentage of your profit.

We have created a unique business "niche" placing you at the forefront of a new market where competition is almost nonexistent! You'll enjoy the benefits of working a flexible schedule with a minimal time requirement. An individual can operate this business by themselves or everyone in the family can be involved and contribute to its success.

With our ongoing help and support, you will be in business for yourself but you won't feel like you're in business alone!


- High profit margin
- Set your own schedule
- New market concept
- Many tax advantages
- No Competition
- Simple to operate
- No vandalism
- Not seasonal
- Proven successful
- Service in demand
- Superior equipment
- Video instruction
- Recession/inflation proof
- No perishable product
- High placement success ratio
- Lifetime warranty
- Work part-time or full-time
- Keep 100% of profit
- Paid in advance for product
- Positive, fun & safe work environment
- Income increases with effort
- Free training and support
- No royalty or franchise fees

The Treasure Tower is an 8-Selection TOY dispensing machine. Initially, it was designed to replace the old, unsanitary toy treasure chests used by dental and medical offices for rewarding children at the end of their office visits. Additional applications have since been proven equally successful in schools, restaurants, banks, photography studios, hair salons, as well as many other locations.

Treasure Towers are owned, operated and serviced by independent Treasure Tower business owners. The locations receive an affordable, efficient, and trouble-free reward system while the business owner enjoys a residual income with unlimited growth potential.

Be one of the first in your area to offer this program! Get started now by visiting our web site at!