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Karl-Michael SALA, Ancestry Family Genealogy History Researcher (US, UK & Euro-Germanic & German-American, Immigration & Emigration) (already SEO'd, i.e. Search Engine Optimized. Do a search for "German Genealogist" & my site is the highest organic, i.e. non-paying, non-advertised website!)

PHONE 1-888-456-7252 (24-hr. TOLL-FREE) 88+ ENDEARING ENDORSEMENTS online in just the last year alone! Scores more received offline since 1979!

Since 1979: 99% success ratio of having FOUND & digitized USA, UK, Euro-Germanic, Germany & Prussia data, documents & images our clients did not have!

Found historical data, documents & images on THOUSANDS of ancestral family members for HUNDREDS of INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS (celebrities, dirt farmers & politicians; but mostly senior-aged folks)!

Karl is THE very 1st person hand-picked for the Expert Research Team! Karl fielded the majority of the research-oriented calls & emails from Europe for! Highest rated international genealogist on & the ONLY German Genealogist on NO FIND? NO FEE! Provide your inquiry request. We could accept, reject or counter-offer.

"Karl! Quick! Please help me find my ancestors--before I become one!" --a young client

"Expensive? No, Ma'am. Expensive is when you spend 30 years and much expense just TRYING to find what I often DO find in ONE DAY!" --Karl Sala

Ask for a 50% DISCOUNT off prices shown below (or you get twice as much)!

If you cannot find specific data, document or image yourself, then make us a minimum offer of: $100 for USA or UK online data, document or image; $250 for US online passenger (ARRIVAL) listing data, document or image; $500 for European online passenger (DEPARTURE) listing data, document or image; $750 for a Europe (mainland) online or on microfilm record of data, document or image! OR hire us @ $50/hr ($600 retainer requested; $30 minimum for a search). We take barter, cash, checks, trade, etc. What have you new or used in products or services? We might need something that you no longer need.