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We are in existence to change the way fund raising is done!

What do I mean?
I want you to think about the way Fund raising is currently done. Either something is sold, or a direct plea for money is made: A dedicated Little Cub Scout shows up on your doorstep wanting to sell candy for his Troop.
You get a plea in the mail to send funds to your local humane society. While you are in church on Sunday you hear how much more money is needed for the building fund. The youth group is waiting outside the door to sell you pizzas for their next mission trip, then hand you a flier about their upcoming yard sale.

You turn on the TV and hear about the local Food Pantry that desperately needs funds. Going to the grocery store you turn on the radio and hear about a family in dire straits because their fire-fighter husband/father was badly hurt while saving someone from a burning building.

You care about all of them. You wish you could help. You WANT to help. The simple reality is that your "extra money" doesn't stretch that far. You end up wishing you either had a bigger income or a smaller conscience.

It doesn't have to be that way. What if you knew that every thing you do EVERY DAY resulted in a cash back check to YOU and A organization YOU cared about? What if you could simply live your life - knowing that by simply purchasing products and services you are going to use anyway you are going to make a difference in your world?

That's what "Every Day Simplicity Every Day Fund Raising"is all about!

There are Opportunities that will send money from EVERYDAY purchases made, to ANY organization , providing YOU and YOUR organizations a Permanent, on-going source of residual income that will fund all they were created to do - without having to worry about constantly raising funds.

Lets discuss options and causes around the country that we can help and support.