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Through my Gold Canyon business, I offer a large variety of products in the Candles, Body & Home Categories. Our candles are guaranteed to be the most fragrant and World's Finest. We offer over 150 fragrances within our candle category and incredible accessories to compliment each one.

We also have a large variety of "wickless" items to make your home or office smell fabulous without an open flame. We have car fresheners, diffusers, scented book marks, linen scents, room sprays, and our most popular wickless item is scent pods and warmers. We carry over 70 fragrances in our pods. The pods just sit directly on the self timing warmers and are easily discarded when the fragrance is gone.

We carry a line of chemical free cleaning products, that not only smell incredible, but are plant based and safe for children & pets. This is a ???must try??? product because once you do, it???s hard to stop cleaning.

In addition, we the most incredible body line of EMERGE products that contain living ionic minerals and antioxidant botanicals, which delivers nutrients through the skin. I use the products faithfully and have barely had a cold over the last 10 years.

I sell these products through my website, home parties, vendor shows, office parties and single customer orders. I also love to share the opportunity with others to do what I do. This has been an incredible source of income for our family. My husband was able to retire from his corporate job 2 years ago. We have 6 children, 2 of which are full time college students. We have a busy and costly household but are able to enjoy our children and all of their activities through the flexibility this career offers. AND... find time to travel to Rome, Cancun, a Caribbean Cruise and London with all expenses paid from Gold Canyon. We not only offer the World's Finest products but we offer the World's Finest Career Plan. JOIN MY TEAM FOR FREE IN APRIL- ask me how!!