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Since 1989 CPC has conducted well over 10,000 cost segregation studies for their clients nationwide resulting in millions of dollars applied to its clients bottom line cash flow.

Our team has performed studies on facilities ranging in size from 10,000 to over 1,000,000 sq ft, resulting in the deferral in hundreds of millions in taxes.

Our highly qualified engineering and tax departments provide support for all Cost Segregation tax related issues including 1031 exchange, AMT, passive activity, abandonment write-offs and lease provisions.

A quick review of our final product will reveal why ours is considered the most comprehensive and "bullet proof" reports in the industry. Our reports include cross-referenced estimates to cost manuals, IRS citations, supporting case law and position papers. We encourage potential clients to examine what would eventually be scrutinized by the IRS.

Each of our reports meet or exceed the IRS' defined "13 principle elements of a quality cost segregation study."

We perform an on site inspection of each facility to fully understand its use and condition. We also take photographs and gather additional information that support and document the classification of costs.

For leased properties, we provide detailed schedules by tenant, for easy identification of allowable "abandonment" losses of real or personal property.

Let CPC show you where money can be found hidden within the walls of your building or outside it. Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation proposal that will show you an average return of investment greater than 20% or more.