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For over 25 years, Marker & Associates has worked with many companies and organizations to develop improvement strategies, manage change, and improve leadership effectiveness. The firm principals, Dave Jacobs, Warrington Parker, and Mike Marker have decades of experience and have significant project work in a wide range of organizations and industries. We have 5 associates, all senior and seasoned consultants, who work with us in various capacities.

The primary focus of our firm is planned organization development activity utilizing whole or total systems methodologies. We conduct organizational assessments, culture audits and partner with organizations for the follow-on redesign work that includes strategic direction setting, design/alignment of structures, and implementation of optimized organization processes, structures, and systems. We have documented processes that are customized to the unique nature of each organization, its culture, and the specific improvement effort. In support of these activities we provide training and leadership coaching to assist in the institutionalization/ transformation of the organization to the desired end state. Our experience has led us to understand that transforming organizations requires a process approach rather than a program approach.

We specialize in implementing high-performance organization work systems, those organizations that consistently outperform comparative organizations in meeting the requirements/needs of customers, stakeholders, and employees. We utilize a systems approach in our work as we have found that 85% of most organizational problems are systemic in nature. Our training and development activities prepare people individually and collectively to acquire the competencies that they need to survive and thrive in a turbulent business environment.